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24th August
written by megan

Your WholePort customer experience just got even better!  WholePort is getting a new, updated look along with great, easy-to-use features and special promotions.

The new site will launch on September 6th, and with the new look comes special offers for our customers.  All products across the entire site will be 15% off, and every order will come with a free sample as a thank you for shopping at WholePort.  This offer will last from September 6th through September 20th, so make sure you don’t miss out!

In addition to these great savings, the new site will feature new menu and category options, making for easier site navigation.  The checkout process is also a breeze with wish lists to help you organize all of your need-to-have crafting supplies.

Be sure to keep an eye on the website for special offers as the holidays approach.  WholePort is excited to have a few surprises up our sleeves in the coming months.  With savings and free gifts on the new site, it’s time to get crafting!

7th July
written by Jenny

Welcome to WholePort’s…

Creativity Expo Logo

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Every day, YOU, our customers inspire us with your vibrant ideas and push us to see the beauty, the ingenuity, and the creativity is it legal to bye viagra from canada that we would have never otherwise seen ourselves. So we would like to return the favor. We’ll give you the free supplies. We’ll provide the free shipping. All we’d like YOU to do is to go on a Create-a-thon. Use the supplies you receive to help create what you’ve always dreamed of creating. Unleash your inner craftaholic! Let your imagination run WiLd! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

white lace music notes

black lace music notes

pink rose lace

green leaf lace

cloisonné round beads

wooden beads smiley face

gold crystal round circle beads

multicolor polymer clay round beads

paper for collage origami scrapbooking

Contest RULES:

  1. Wholeport wants YOU to go on a create-a-thon! Like us on our facebook page or follow us on twitter in order to receive a package of one of these nine different crafting supplies completely free of charge! You can find descriptions of the nine supplies by clicking on the images above and by visiting this album on our facebook page.
  2. We want you to incorporate these supplies into the most beautiful, unique, fun, CRAZY crafts you can think of! When you think you’ve made the perfect creation, take a picture of it
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    and then post it on our facebook wall to be entered into a competition for a $50 cash coupon for

  3. We will then upload your pictures into our Creativity Expo Contestants facebook album. The winner will be determined by the picture with the most likes on facebook! So make sure you tell as many of your friends to “like” your creation as you can!

Pink 3D flower laceSmiley face beadsGreen Lacemulticolor polymer clay beads

So you want to PARTICIPATE?

  1. Like us on facebook or follow us on twitter and then send us an email at saying that you have done so. Make sure you mention in your email which of the nine crafting supplies you would like to receive and include your mailing address.
  2. Create your masterpiece :D
  3. Admire it for a moment.
  4. Then take a picture of it and post it on our facebook wall along with a description of which supply package you used and what you intend your creation to be. We will upload your picture and description into the Creativity Expo Contestants facebook album. Each person to upload a photo of his or her creation will also receive a $2 coupon to!
  5. The top 10 creations with the most likes on facebook will each win a $50 cash coupon for So tell your friends, your family, your acquaintances, EvErYOne! The more people that see your lovely work, the merrier!

White cloisonne beadsThis is red waves patterned origami paper.This is black music notes lace trimA strand of circular gold crystal flat beads over a white custard bowl.

That pesky little FINE PRINT…

The deadline for requesting one of the nine crafting supply packs is July 9th 2011 JULY 14th 2011 at 11:59 EST.

The competition to receive a $50 coupon to will continue until August 1st 2011 AUGUST 15th 2011 at 11:59 EST.


…Please quickly check out our Creativity Expo FAQ section. Or if you have even more questions or comments on WholePort, the Creativity Expo, crafting, or life in general, please don’t hesitate to list them in the comments section below or to contact us at .

See CREATIVITY EXPO Crafting Supplies!!>>>

Let’s enjoy this beautiful handmade life together!

Wholeport® All the Supplies for Your Beautiful Handmade Life

16th January
written by Echoing

Our colleague Leon got in contact with Christine, the heroine behind, and intended to show his appreciation of Christine’s handcrafted jewelries by inviting her to join our Free Sample Gifting Project. Christine looked into our store and picked a few shell beads from which she said she got a great idea. We were happy to learn that our supplies inspired Christine and we suggested to her that she share our Free Sample Gifting Project with her friends who also love crafting.

Guess what? Christine applauded the idea of giving first, to receive later. Actually, she said this was her philosophy as well. (Salute to Christine for this shared philosophy!) She asked Leon if it was Okay to send the message to her 8000+ newsletter readers. Why not- we are very serious with our business of providing supplies for people who love this handmade life and are willing to know them from Christine. Christine was just afraid that we didn’t get enough supplies.

So here is the reply. No worry, dear Christine- we received a little over 200 emails asking to join the Free Sample Gifting Project by now, two days after you got the word out. We were very excited to see so many friends from the crafting community get to know us through Christine. Salute to Christine again! And warm welcome to every friend joining this Project under Christine’s introduction.

Dear all friends, the requests to join the Project keep coming in these two days and we were getting a little bit overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we make sure everyone gets what he/she needs, and please just allow us some time to get back to you.

Over the weekend several of our colleagues worked over time to categorize the requests. There are three groups-

1. Those who left their shipping addresses to us with no special requirement to the samples. There were 80+ of people in this group and we had got the sample packages ready for them. We intended to give these friends fun of serendipity, so we gave each package a bit of this, and a bit of that- some natural stones such as amethyst and agate, some quartz, some turquoise, some wooden beads or pendants, some colorful acrylic beads, etc. Hope the sample package arrives at your door with a happy surprise and inspires you for some crafts very special and different!

Samples beads and buttons

2. Those who wrote to us with a special requirement as to which kind of beads they’d like to receive. There were 60+ people in this group. It would take a little bit more time for us to attend to each special requirement, so please allow us two or three days to get the packages ready for friends in this group.

3.  Those who wrote to us but without leaving their shipping address to us. There were 70+ people in this group. We had emailed them back one by one, asking for their preference of the samples and their shipping addresses by today.

Dear friends referred to us by Christine- please understand that we got over 200 sample requests in these two days and be a little bit patient if you haven’t heard back from us yet. An email will be sent to you after the shipment of your sample package is done. Also to show our thankfulness of Christine, readers of Christine will get a coupon together with the sample package they receive, for 15% off their future purchase. As said, we will make sure everyone gets what he/she needs!

Let’s enjoy this beautiful handmade life together!

Warmly regards,

Echoing, Leon, Heidi and all the other staff with

12th January
written by Echoing

Since we started our Free Sample Gifting Project one week ago, 15 crafters all over the world joined and took free samples which they already were familiar with, or which they would like to try for their new product lines. We are more than happy to see that our supplies bring fresh inspirations to the artists!

Shirley is a loving grandma for seven grandchildren living in the States. She operates a store on Etsy selling her own handcrafted jewelries inspired by God, as her store’s name, “Just God Incharge”, claimed. I particularly love her taking of colors- it is told us that Shirley must be an elegant woman in real life! The colors of her jewelries are not very exaggerating, just moderate, yet very natural and harmonious.

natural stones wood beads

The sample package to Shirley included a few kinds of natural stones, amethyst beads, turquoise beads, etc. which fit her current collection of jewelries. In her email to me, Shirley said that she was considering adding a children’s line since she had seven grandchildren. So a few wooden beads and pendants of animal and cartoon shapes were also picked and added to the sample package, in the hope that Shirley would get inspiration from the lovely, colorful, and very important- harmless supplies and make a great new line for children.